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Our Schools


Each school is organized under 2 shifts, morning and afternoon of 4.5 hours each - with 30-35 children under each shift. One class teacher is responsible for each shift. Sindh Singhar Schools run a 6 day week with 1 week of winter and 1 month of summer break.

Facilities and Resources

Our facilities focus on creating a conducive learning environment. We provide students with Sindh TextBook Board books, self-corrective worksheets, storybooks, and posters/charts. Solar panels power our schools. The stable, high-speed internet installed at our schools is instrumental in managing CCTV cameras used for remote support and feedback and managing android tablets with the latest versions of gamified learning applications.

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Our Schools

Darya Khan Goth School

Somanro Goth School

Alam Sher Goth School

Mangi Ladho Goth School

Aarab Salar Jokhio Goth School