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Aarab Salar Jokhio Goth School

Goth Arab Salar Jokhio U/C Gulmanda Kalri District Thatta Taluka Thatta


Nestled amidst lush fields lies Aarab Salar Jokhio Goth School. Established on February 1, 2024, this school caters to over seventy children of various ages across two shifts, mirroring the structure of our other four schools. As the latest addition to our network, it upholds our unwavering dedication to educational advancement and reform.

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Aarab Salar Jokhio Goth School is nestled amidst picturesque fields of tomatoes, chili peppers, and wheat, offering education to five villages comprising a population of over 2000. These villages, inhabited for more than a century, are experiencing formal education for the very first time.