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Mangi Ladho Goth School

Goth Mangi Ladho Jokhio U/C Jung Shahi District Thatta Taluka Thatta


The latest addition to our family of schools is the Mangi Ladho Goth School, which is an all girls school launched on June 10, 2023. As the newest branch, it carries forward our dedication and commitment to educational reform.


Situated in the serene village of Mangi Ladho Goth, home to about 190 villagers, our school has brought the light of knowledge to a new corner of Sindh, first time for the girls.

Facilities and Resources

Mangi Ladho Goth School is equipped with educational materials, including textbooks, worksheets, and storybooks. Students also have access to android tablets with gamified educational apps. Powered by solar energy, the school embodies sustainability and modern education.